MONDAY, 18 de march
The ICNF prepared a document with some curious and worrisome statistics of the hunting sector, such as:
Hunters - Hunter Card: Geographical distribution and age distribution by district; Hunting licenses: Geographical distribution by district of residence, age distribution and number of licenses issued by type; Hunter Card Exams: Number of entries, number of new hunters and age distribution of candidates for examination;

Hunting Zones: No. and Area of ​​ZC by type, national values, by hunting region and district;

Results of exploitation: Total number of pieces slaughtered and slaughter densities, at national level and by hunting region.

The data presented refer to May 31, 2018 (end of the season of 2017/2018) regarding hunting cards, hunting licenses and results of hunting.
Regarding "new hunters" the information provided refers to the year 2018.

In turn, the information provided on hunting areas refers to computerized data on 1 March 2019, relative to the 2017/2018 season.

Source: ICNF