TUESDAY, 06 de november

The adequate perspective for the analysis of wild animal diseases can not be accommodative (using preexisting health knowledge, just because it is general and because it is already available), but it must necessarily be ecosystemic; because the animals of the field live in the open and subject to the rigors and aggressions of the ecosystems or the agrobiosistemas. I am saying exactly that this is not only a veterinary issue, but clearly a multidisciplinary one: ecosystemic.

The processes of decay and even death of game should be contemplated and diagnosed from the perspective of the four major factors of disturbance, proper and governing regeneration, succession, and evolution in each natural environment:

Predisposition factors. The excesses of total density (lagomorphs) or population imbalances (rabbit and hare), the atypical population pyramids (imbalances in the sex ratio, excess or deficit of age, imbalances between age classes) or inadequate individual states (environmental deficiencies) and previous damage) are usually the main factors that predispose individuals to suffer the action of diseases.

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